All jokes aside: foot contouring is really a thing now


Contouring is definitely going out of hand. I seriously though that the contouring craze would end after butt contouring became a thing. But, no. People are contouring their abs, legs, necks, butts and the new trend, their feet. I mean, seriously? Your feet? Why?

Live Glam (“for artists, by artists”) showcased the newest #FootContour craze in the viral Insta video below to prove it:

It might be fascinating to watch the makeup artist to fake a new bone structure on each toe, but is it necessary? This video has a lot of comments and most of them are negative. I don’t blame them.


Her feet just look more tan. So, what is next? At some point no body parts will be un-contoured. Seriously, it’s too much.

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