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A Boy With Down Syndrome And His Sister Sing A Captivating Version Of Jolene


There is an ocean of song covers on Youtube, and not all of them are worth hearing. But Bekah and Zach Logan’ cover of Dolly Parton’s country classic Jolene falls firmly into the other category. Sitting down in front of their fireplace, Bekah strums an acoustic guitar while her brother adds some rhythm with a couple of drumsticks: “Ready, buddy?” she asks, “Ready!” Zach enthusiastically replies and they hit it off for a joyful rendition.


Bekah is a talented guitarist and singer in her own right, but it is Zach, who has Down Syndrome, stealing the show in this instance. Encouraged by his sister, he puts in a performance for the ages which them two, as well as the rest of their family are sure to enjoy for years to come.

The song known to rock fans as a White Stripes live staple¬†was released in October 1973 as the first single and title track on Dolly Parton’s album with the same name. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it no. 217 on its “the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list in 2004. According to Parton, Jolene is the most covered of all the tracks she’s written, and now Bekah and Zach have contributed another brilliant version!


Youtube users have offered nothing but praise and encouragement for the unlikely duo, with many admitting the version made their day or made them smile for a while.

“Amazing job young man! You have a true talent! Never stop believing!” a user called Jolene Eddyj wrote.

“Sing Baby!!!! That is my favorite song from my childhood!!! Love this video!!! Keep singing with your sister buddy .. she needs you!!” April Luvv chipped in.

Check out Bekah and Zach’s version of Jolene in the video below to see why everyone is encouraging to continue singing.

Source:Bekah Logan, faithtap

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