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Jonah Hill Shares With Us The Hilarious Diet Advice He Got From Channing Tatum


What’s amazing about actors is how far they would go for a role. Christian Bale starved himself for his role in The Machinist, while Jonah Hill packed some extra forty pounds for his role in War Dogs.



Changing one’s appearance for an on-screen character is not unheard of, but it’s still kind of shocking when you realize how far these people have gone to achieve the look. While Jonah Hill was probably happy to pack on extra weight, by the time the film was over, he was ready to shed the extra pounds and then some.  I am pretty sure that you have seen articles talking about his new look but turns out that he didn’t get there on his own.

He turned first to his Jump Street co-star, Channing Tatum for some advice on losing weight. He told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he asked Channing if he “ate less and went to a trainer, will I get in better shape?” Tatum’s response was apparently, “Yes, you dumb [expletive], of course, you will. It’s the simplest thing in the entire world.”

The blunt answer was the push he really needed.


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Even though Tatum’s advice was pretty simple, Hill can definitely afford the best trainers, nutritionists and cooks that the average person can’t really access.



It’s clear that Hill responds well to some tough love. After all, he is a comedian so Tatum’s words didn’t hurt his feelings. He’s probably heard a lot worse actually.


To be fair now, Hill isn’t just a slimmer version of himself now, but he packed on some muscle too.



So many people have been inspired by his transformation that they’re even citing him as their own personal motivations for getting in shape.



His transformation has been featured on various Twitter and Facebook page as well as on men’s fitness blogs.



With a good thing, always comes negative reality too like this tweet right here.



Nevertheless, we’re happy if he’s happy. Go Jonah!



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