The Joy Of Being A Parent To Six Little Adorable Rascals

The Joy Of Being A Parent To Six Little Adorable Rascals


I think there is no greater feat than becoming a parent. Parenting is probably the most challenging of tasks that life might throw at you. It requires a lot of perseverance, willpower, love and hope.

Now take all that and multiply it times six. Why?

Cause this birthday daddy is the father of six girls, five of which are quintuplets.

Adam and Danielle Busby are originally natives of Lake Charles, Louisiana, but shortly after their marriage, they relocated to Houston, Texas.

However, this bravest of couples struggled with infertility for a long time. Their first daughter, Blayke, came after a year and a half of futile fertility treatments.

They felt blessed but knew that they didn’t want to stop there. Baby number two would require the same work all over again. They were ready for it.

This time around, Danielle managed to conceive after only two months!

Drumroll: the plot twist.


She conceived alright, with quintuplets!

That means that she was carrying five little precious angels.

Fast forward a couple of years later, the daughters are all gathered around the table to wish their dad a happy birthday!

The video opens with a shot of the father and the girls all gathered around a table. Dad is in the middle. The six of them are his squad.


They open the video with a song! You can hear mom singing behind the camera as well.

Now, what’s peculiar about this video is that some of the twins are transfixed with the burning candles, as much as they don’t even wink. The girls on the far left and far right are probably the coolest ones. They are completely unaffected.

Especially the one from the left side. She looks like Angela Merkel during an official country visit.

The cake is in the middle of the table, looking like a crystal ball that’s about to reveal what’s about to happen.


“So make a big ‘ol wish!” we hear mom telling dad, as he reaches out to move the cake closer to him.

He inhales a rather huge breath of air, leans his head and blows the candles….all the while the three misses from his left watch him mindfully.

And then, it starts!

One of them starts to cry. She cannot possibly comprehend where the flame went. That flame was everything in her life and now it’s gone!


The others take heed. A little choir of crying girls happens out of nowhere.

Needless to say, little chancellors left and right are still completely unfazed. Which makes me laugh hard at this video.

This family is so endearing, I cannot stop watching this video!

Source:It’s a Buzz World, tiphero

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