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NBA Star J.R. Smith Has Held His Prematurely Born Daughter For The First Time

 2016 NBA champion J.R. Smith had another emotional moment he will remember for the rest of his life on Monday, February 6th. The Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard, held his daughter Dakota for the first time after she was born prematurely.

When Jewel Harris, Smith’s wife, gave birth five months before the due date in January, Dakota only weighed one pound.

“We know we’re not the only family going through this, who has been through this, and who will ever go through it, and that’s why we decided to share what we’re going through with you guys,” Smith and Harris explained in a video posted by Uninterrupted. “Please keep us in your prayers, and we’ll do the same for everyone else.”

The Freehold, New Jersey-born, basketball star shared a photo of his first physical encounter with Dakota on his Instagram account.

“Today is one of the greatest days of my life,” he captioned the photo. “GOD is GREAT! #DakotaStrong.”


Since Dakota was born, Smith and his two daughters – Demi and Peyton – have all spent every waking moment by their mother and newborn baby. Smith recently also shared a picture of Demi looking at her sister resting inside her incubator.


The messages of love that have been pouring in from Cavs supporters and the basketball community in general, have been overwhelming. Many people have shared their experiences with premature birth and have been sending in love and support for the Smiths. Stories have been shared about babies weighing a couple of pounds growing up to be healthy and beautiful women and men and prayers have been said that Dakota does the same.

Go Dakota, go!

Source: Celebuzz

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