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Judges’ Jaws Drop As They Hear The First Sister, When The Second One Comes On Stage They Go Crazy

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Being one of the most captivating singing competitions, NBC’s The Voice, has surprised both the audience and the judges many times over. As you may know, the judges in this competition make their decision on the performances while their backs are turned, meaning they don’t see the contestants, only hear them.

This season’s judges are country singer Blake Shelton, Maroon 5  frontman Adam Levine, pop star Miley Cyrus and R&B singer Alicia Keys.

It’s fun to watch when the judges give truly authentic reactions to the contestants once they turn around as they see their faces. Though we rarely see them shocked by the singer, as they already have some clue as to what they should expect in accordance with the voice they hear.

One of those performances that literally dropped the jaws of the judges was the one of the sisters Shannon and Whitney who sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. Though according to the sisters, they performed the Dixie Chicks’ version.

As Shannon began first, she already made a great impression on the judges but when her sister Whitney joined, the judges were literally shocked by the performance they were hearing.

No doubt that all four judges turned around and gave a standing ovation to the performance.

The judges hten have to convince the singers that they would be the best choice for their coach. So here’s where it gets interesting. The sisters listened to all of them and finally made their choice.

Following a short discussion, the sisters go for Keys as their coach, which delighted the singer.

Watch the performance below and enjoy!

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