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16 Junk Food Sweet Pleasures For Your Next Netflix Marathon


If you are currently on your diet or trying to eat healthier, maybe you should stop reading. Or maybe you should sop your diet and join us for an interesting ride. Having a Netflix craze night? What can be more satisfying than watching your favorite show and munching on your newly discovered snack? Here are some junk food specials that will make your movie night perfect.

1. Birthday cake snack pie

First of all, it doesn’t even have to be your birthday, let’s be honest! This is the kind of snack made for the privacy of one’s home. At home, no one will shame you for eating 10 pieces of this.


Source: Reddit | turrican

2. Loaded Doritos

In the hyperbolic world of food labels, “loaded” is my favorite word, and, yours, too, probably. When I see ‘loaded’, I immediately think of sitting on the couch and watching TV for hours.


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

3. Childhood once again

These cinnamon sugar-dusted bites are ready in just 30 seconds. Just the right time for you to turn on the TV and enjoy a whole package.


Source: PopSugar

4. Netflix and chill with Twinkies ice cream.

You may find this “limited edition” a bit skeptical, but trying it won’t hurt. So, why not?


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

5. Bake your own Cinnabon at home.

You would definitely try cooking if it’s Cinnabon that we are talking about. Few things are worth getting off your couch for, and this is surely one of them.


Source: Brand Eating

6. Sugar and only sugar

If you can’t decide between candy or chocolate, this Lunchables Dirt Cake is the best solution. Be warned, though, you might end up being awake all night because of all the sugar.


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

7. I know you are dying to try this milk! Am I right?

Orange creamsicle milk is one of those things that you must try!


Source: Divine Lifestyle

8. Are you sure you are not a fan of candy corn? How about now?

Look at this package!


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

9. This is my sweets goal, everyone!

It is officially acceptable to eat cookie dough forever! Turn that TV on! Oreo cookie dough is just a bonus.


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

10. How about this gum?

Are you full or you have a spot for one of these? They certainly won’t get your breath smelling better…


Source: Food and Wine Magazine

11. Did anyone mention popcorn?

Popcorn is a must-have for any Netflix movie marathon. But trying this one is a special must.


Source: Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

12. Sweetening up a salty snack never sounded more enjoyable.

If you’re a fan of Cheetos Puffs, you might also love their cinnamon sugar version. Because, why not?


Source: Flickr | Mike Mozart

13. Molten lava cakes

These are perfect for your next favorite show marathon and don’t be afraid to eat them all!


Source: Food and Wine Magazine

14. Pizza order

Pizza is always a good idea, no matter what type of show we are talking about! You must be well-fed if you’re going to continue watching.


Source: Grub Street

15. It’s just what you need.

It’s not an actual Oreo product, but who cares, right?



Source: Twitter | @AdamPadilla | PopSugar

16. Chocolate chip cookie dough – the ultimate pleasure

Squeeze it till the movie ends!


Source: Eating Bro Food

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