Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Feels Lucky To Have Selena Gomez Back

Well, why am I not surprised? Reportedly, Justin Bieber feels “lucky” for successfully rekindling his romance with no-longer-ex Selena Gomez.

The twenty-three-year-old ‘Bad Liar’ singer has finally managed to reanimate his previous relationship of five years, which ended back in 2015. According to reports by, Justin is trying to make amends to Selena and prove to her that he is now a “changed man” – and no longer a “bad boy.”

Well, you’re definitely on the right track, Justin!


An anonymous source decided to share more information on this, saying that: “Justin wants to be a better man because he doesn’t want to screw things up with Selena. He knows he’s lucky to have this second chance and he’s not taking it for granted. And the truth is, this ‘transformation’ hasn’t been all that difficult for him because he wants it.”

A second chance?


According to sources, the party beast lifestyle is no longer appealing to Justin Bieber.


The source also added: “It’s true that you can’t change someone unless they want it, and he wants it now. He knows what’s at stake. He would way rather spend a quiet night in with Selena than go get wasted and hook up with random girls. That lifestyle just doesn’t appeal to him anymore.”

He could work on his style a bit, though.


But wait, there’s a plot twist!

Sources claim that Justin feels Selena is “100 percent” the reason he managed to “turn his life around.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the insider explained: “Selena is 100 percent the reason Justin turned his life around. She’s the one that got him involved with church and that opened up a whole new group of friends to him too.”

I kinda feel she’s totally worth it.


What’s more, the sources claim that Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mother likes Selena a lot. Reportedly, she considers her a “positive influence” in her son’s life.


“Justin has a very close relationship with his mother and wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone that his mom didn’t like,” the source concluded.

Well, hear that, Justin? Even your mom likes her. Don’t screw up!