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Was Justin Bieber Planning To See Selena Gomez At The Grammys?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
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Do you remember the love story between the 22-year-old, Justin Bieber and 24-year-old Selena Gomez? Even though things have spiced up since the breakup and her new boyfriend, The Weeknd, Justin seems to be pretty cool about it and proud of the singer’s success.


The Grammys are probably one of the most important events of the year. As many other artists, Justin was planning to go too and he probably figured that he might run into her. Now that he doesn’t care anymore, we can stay calm because there is not going to be a fist fight.

According to some inside sources, Selena is doing just fine with The Weeknd. She is planning on getting him a car even though she is hesitant because it is a huge gift. They have been together only for a short period of time.


We’re used to seeing celebrities buying huge gifts for their loved ones’ birthdays, though.


“He doesn’t love award shows, so he may skip last minute. Whether he opts out of the ceremony or not though, Justin’s confident he’s going to win, and he’s determined to party,” a source says.

“If he cares about any kind of potential run-in, he’s not letting on. He’s happy for Selena, he really is,” they added.

Don’t you just adore him for this attitude? I mean, not every ex can be happy for you.



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