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Here’s What Justin Bieber Thinks About Selena And The Weeknd


The story of Selena and The Weeknd courtship is getting out of hand. When the first pictures were uploaded the whole internet went crazy.. but not only them. It seems like Justin Bieber and Bella Hadid had some hard feelings about the fledgling romance.

When asked about their relationship, Justin dismissed it as another stunt to promote her new music, one source tells us. She has done this with all the men that she dated including Nick Jonas, Zedd, Justin and now with Abel.

Selena and The Weeknd are working on new music together and it seems like she dates stars when she wants to have a collab with them. But, long story short we are told that Justin rolled his eyes at the new “love story” goings ons.

It seems like there are still some feelings going on for Justin, eh?

Well looking t it from two sides, dating Justin Bieber was a bonus for Selena Gomez’s profile too. But was there also a bonus for Justin? Of course yes. She was his first girlfriend that he went out publicly with. Their relationship seemd too cute to be a stunt.

And remember that two-year romantic drama? From their innocent first hand-holding walks along the beach, to their more grownup kisses, to all the breakups and makeups, and the angsty dancing – we still hope that someday these two will get back together.


Oh my God, do you remember the angsty dancing? Here’s a huge throwback.

Source:Alexander Gabanna

I have hard time making it through that entire video. So many feels! So many squicks!


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