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Are Kanye West, Scott Disick And Rob Kardashian Making It Into The Kardashian’s Christmas Card?


The Kardashian family Christmas card is coming out this December but while revealing the card’s theme, Kim hinted that her husband Kanye West, Scott Discik and Rob Kardashian are not involved there in an interview with James Corden.

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Since there is always drama included with the Kardashian family, the 37-year-old Kim hinted that she might put Kanye, Rob and Scott on the “Naughty list”. While speaking with James Corden, on the episode of The Late Late Show, Kim told some details about the holiday card tradition.

“This year’s Christmas card is shot really casually. We’re kind of in “jeans and t-shirts” vibes, really cute – all the kids,” Kim said, before revealing the theme: women and children.

“My grandma – she was [last] in it in 1989. That was the last time she was in our Christmas card, with her four grandkids before Kendall [Jenner] and Kylie [Jenner] were in,” Kim added.

That means that the women of the family will be all there including Kim, Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris and grandmother Mary Jo Campbell. The kids will also be there – North, Saint, Penelope, Mason, Reign and Dream. As for the men of the family; Kanye, Rob, Scott, Travis and Tristan, they will be missing.

Will the Khloe and Kylie’s rumored pregnancies be confirmed? Kylie also has been putting up a giant pink tent at her house and filling her pool with pink cherry blossoms inspired by her sister Kim Kardashian’s baby shower theme.

If you are wondering if Caitlyn Jenner will be there also, the answer is no.

“I’ve lost all relationship with [the Kardashians],” she told Piers Morgan. “Yes, I don’t talk to any of them anymore.”


What do you guys think?  Are you excited to see the card?


Cute Khloe!


Chrissy Teigen at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower.


Through Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat!




Khloe making an appearance.


Such a nice picture.


Kim Kardashian’s fragrance.


Khloe seen with her bestfriend having a good time.


Cherry blossoms.


Like a fairy tale.




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