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Did Kanye West have a thing with trans star Amanda Lepore?


After transgender New York nightlife fixture Amanda Lepore , 49 spilled at her memoir “Doll Parts,” about a relationship with an unnamed rapper, sources have speculated that that rapper could be Kanye West.

The rapper is now married, added the plastic surgery aficionado.

Lepore has become famous because of her extreme plastic surgery. She has been featured in advertising campaigns for Armani Jeans and Mac Cosmetics and has now released her memoir, ‘Doll Parts’ in April this year.


Amanda Lepore looking pouty at a February Fashion Week event in New York.


Lepore’s subtle hints made a lot of people believe that the rapper is Kanye West.

She says that as soon as the thing with the rapper ended, he got married.

‘I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me ‘ added Lepore comparing her physique to the rapper’s wife.

People are guessing that she’s referring to Kim Kardashian, according to what she said.

‘That is not within the realm of possibility ‘ was the reponse from a friend of Kanye’s to the New York Post.


Similar body type?


Lepore dropped the hint that the wife of the rapper shares the same physics as hers, that made people speculate that she was referring to Kim Kardashian.



Even though her cryptic hints could be directed at Kanye, a friend of Kanye’s says that a thing like that is impossible.


The memoir details her life tackle growing up as a boy, her sex change operation, her relationships with men, taking black market estrogen, and her plastic surgeries.

Lepore became a fixture on the nightlife scene and became famous with all of that surgery she has done.
Lepore told the New York Times, she’s only read two books since 1986 , that’s why Doll Parts was written by her ghostwriter Thomas Flannery Jr.

‘Oh, I never read anything,’ she said. ‘Mostly, I look at pictures.’


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