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Some Sources Say Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Might Get A Divorce

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After three years of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are “taking some time off” some reports state. For four months now there have been rumors about the couple but they decided to stay quiet all this time.

The pair who are to celebrate their third wedding anniversary on May 24, could now be preparing to break up, according to Heat magazine.

Just last week, the 39-year-old Yeezy deleted his Twitter and Instagram account and decided to disappear to a mountain in Wyoming to work on his new album.  Anyways, since Kim had been robed and Kanye going to a mental breakdown months ago, the pair never denied to be sleeping in separate homes.

Of course that the 36-year-old selfie queen is in LA, spending time with her children and taking thousands of selfies. But recently she never posted something about Kanye and they also didn’t attend the Met Gala together this year.

“Right now, things are very tough for their marriage,” a source claims.

“We’re all concerned that this could be a sign their marriage is on the rocks and that they want time apart.”

“Kanye is in a very odd place in his life right now, so he’s happy to take a break. Kim convinced him that this was the best solution for him, as it would allow him to take time out of the spotlight.”

“I think she’s enjoying the freedom to do what she wants, knowing Kanye’s out of the city and has a good crew around him,” the source added.

Kim spend all week posting about her family members but never mentioned her husband. And Kanye will not be appearing on their reality TV show. Guys, the Kimye empire might fall.


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