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Kanye’s Condition Is Worse Than Previously Feared

Kanye West

Lately we received the news that the famous rapper Kanye West, is taking some time off because he is not feeling very well.

Kanye’s ‘temporary psychosis’ as a result of sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, could be way worse than first feared following his breakdown on Monday.

A ‘well-connected Kanye source’ said that the musician’s psychological problems are so significant that his insurance policy will ‘almost certainly’ cover the losses of the 21 concerts that he cancelled. Tragic.

TMZ’s source also said that Kanye’s family were hoping to have him home for Thanksgiving on Thursday, but sadly he had to spend the holiday at the centre.

Kim Kardashian has been by his side, only leaving the centre briefly on Wednesday evening.

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Let’s all take a minute to please remember that mental health is a serious issue. The fact that Kanye has some issues right now will hopefully show others that it doesn’t matter who you are – anyone can be affected.


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