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These Photos Prove That The Kardashians Are Gorgeous Even Without Makeup


When you mention actresses and models nowadays, you can’t go without mentioning the Kardashians/Jenners. These sisters have completely changed the fashion industry, and no matter where you look, they’re absolutely everywhere. From the oldest Kourtney to the youngest Kylie, this family has completely changed the world, and it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t know these famous ladies nowadays.

Of course, it’s no secret that they wear tons of makeup to achieve those stunning looks we all know and love them for, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you think that they wouldn’t be quite as nice to look at without the makeup. Well, sorry to say this, but you’d be wrong. Even without a single drop of makeup, no ugly characteristic show up on this family of beauties.

With that being said, here are 15 pictures that prove the Kardashians look amazing even without makeup.

1. Kim heading to the gym

On this photo, Kim is on her way to the gym. The 36-year-old is only wearing lip balm in this photo, but she still looks just as good as ever.

These Photos Prove That The Kardashians Are Gorgeous Even Without Makeup 1

Source:Without Makeup

2. Kourtney’s smile

Not only is Kourtney’s smile as bright as the summer sun, but she has absolutely no imperfections on her skin whatsoever. Her eyebrows are pretty on fleek too.

These Photos Prove That The Kardashians Are Gorgeous Even Without Makeup 2


3. Kylie’s natural beauty

From what the internet says, I’m not sure that the words “Kylie” and “natural” can find themselves in the same sentence, but then again that’s a rumor that is being spread everywhere. Nevertheless, Kylie proved to her millions of Snapchat followers that she looks stunning even without makeup.


Source: People

4. Kendall with no makeup

How is it possible that someone looks this good without makeup? How?


Source: Without Makeup

5. Kim talking on the phone

The stunning smile and her dark locks waving in the wind are just perfect.


6. Khloe in a candid

It seems that the amazing skin thing runs in the family. And the bun that doesn’t seem to have a single hair out of place is just perfect.


Source: Celeb Without Makeup

7. Kylie is still perfect without makeup


Source: The Hollywood Gossip

8. Kourtney’s selfie game

Kourtney isn’t bothered with the secrets to perfect selfies. She’s all about being herself, and we respect her for that.


Source:Hollywood Life

9. Kim needs to tell the world how she’s so gorgeous without makeup or contouring


Source:Hollywood Life

10. Kendall at an event

Not a single droplet of makeup and she looks this good! How?


Source:The Daily Mail

11. This is how Khloe woke up

I wish I looked like this when I woke up.


Source: Instagram | @khloekardashian

12. How does Kylie look this good when she’s not wearing any makeup?


Source: Hollywood Life

13. Kendall is walking down the runway without a single drop of makeup.

Still looks flawless.


Source: The Hollywood Life

14. Kourtney, always-always about being herself


Source:The Daily Mail

15. Kendall with no makeup is still ready to go out


We could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. The Kardashian sisters cannot be exposed as ugly, makeup or not. You can’t put a price on natural beauty after all, can you?


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