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Kate Hudson Shaved Her Head And The Internet Is Going Crazy


A shaved celebrity head always brings out one mental image, thanks to Ms. Britney Spears. No one will ever forget when she lost the plot and shaved all of her hair. It was pretty shocking for the world and it made headline news at the time. Later it emerged that Britney was battling  some mental issues but she managed later to sort herself out and go back to being Badass Britney.



You might have noticed that celebrity hair transformations come with the changing of the season so we will for sure see some new trends come in for the Autumn and Winter months. One star though has made a drastic change to her look and she is Kate Hudson.


The famous actress has traded her famous blonde hair for a full-on buzzcut. She has gone full on shaven for the sake of a very special project which made her fans adore her even more.

Even though she is not known for making big changes, she certainly took it on the next level this time. According to Twitter, Hudson is going to star in a film directed by Sia.

Fans are dying to find out what it’s all about. E! News also said that the Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler will also appear in the project. However, look at Kate’s new hair below and tell us what you think!


Even though it is pretty hard to judge if it’s going to be a movie or music video, the fans are very excited to see these two women collaborate on the project.



Source: Viralthread

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