Why Kate Middelton and Prince William Never Hold Hands On Pictures


The winners of the latest royal gossip are  who else if not the loving royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. We all love them. We all agree that the Duchess of Cambridge is so elegant and is the most influential woman in the fashion world.  Just remember what happened when they got married. She wasn’t even out of the Westminster Abbey in London and replicas of her wedding dress were already hitting  high records of sail. Everyone is trying to copy what the royal  couples does. Their  followers are watching every step they make, and analyse  every picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  So, something was spotted and question is raised. Why they don’t hold hands in public? Is their marriage happy as they look or it is related with the royal protocol?

The happy family.

Prince William and Princes Kate  were on a tour to India and Bhutan not so long ago. Their followers spotted something which seems a bit odd for a married couple for five years .  No one needs glasses to see that although the couple looks happy they seem very tamed and although they look like they are in love they  don’t hold hands.

So if someone is worried if there is something wrong with their marriage please be calm. There is no need for that. The royal couple is happy as ever.  The thing is, as we have already said, they can not even count how many followers they have around the globe and they have very unique role. Therefore they have to keep mantling certain level of royal etiquette all the time.

Royal experts  are having very simple explanation.  As much as Prince William and Princes Kate are in love and having fun they are working representatives of the British Monarchy. They have to represent their designated roles with professionalism and dignity.




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