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This Is The Truth Behind The Image Of Kate Middleton’s Black Eye


Lately, a shocking image of the Dutchess of Cambridge with a black eye has been circulating around the Internet. A lot of people feared for Kate Middleton’s safety after seeing the picture which was featured with this caption: “Kate finally reveals what caused the dispute’- implying domestic violence.”


Turns out that the eye that the image has been photoshopped and is actually be a sinister advertisement for a face cream product.


Mammamia reports that the advert has popped up on major news which if you click, it will take you to a piece titled: “Princess Kate Middleton Will Spend Time Away From the Royal Family To Campaign For Breakthrough Skincare Line!”

Many people have been sucked in by the premise of domestic violence and celebrity news but have instead clicked through to a fake article of news. What’s actually more worrying is that this skincare line featured Junvive does exist and apparently has a history of scamming other costumers in the past.


Using domestic violence to attract other people’s attention is just wrong and utterly shameful and undermines what a serious issue this truly is. This is a wake-up call that we all need to be more literate in fake news. You can’t just believe everything you see on the Internet.


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