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Kate Gosselin Reveals Who Of The Sextuplets Was Missing From Their Birthday Party


Having a kid is a full-time job for all parents. Now imagine having eight.
We’ve been watching Jon and Kate raising twins Cara and Madelyn, and their sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel since the reality show aired in 2007 on TLC.
Ten million viewers fell in love with this extraordinary, larger than life family. But, since the show aired they’ve had their own share of problems just like any other American family.


Jon and Kate’s marriage fell apart, dividing the family.


Time flies like an arrow – The sextuplets are now teenagers, can you believe it?

No matter what changed, the kids still remained the apple of their parents’ eyes.

Jon and Kate made sure their 13-years-olds had the most memorable birthday party ever!


Who knew you could have so much fun camping on your birthday while learning how to use a compass!

On the most recent episode TLC aired, we saw the kids doing that alongside many more fun outdoor activities. They did glamping, archery and even had a bonfire!  Now that’s what we call a birthday party – spectacular, amusing and creative.

But there was one notable absence, making the party bittersweet.


Kate said that Colin, one of the sextuplets, didn’t attend his birthday party because they sent him away to a special needs school.

During the episode, Kate mentioned that there was no denying the party was ‘iconic’, it was still a heartbreaking moment for her, because her son wasn’t there to celebrate with his sisters and brothers.


‘The photos around the cake, I have them for every year, every child, every birthday. It’s definitely an iconic moment,’ said Kate.


It was revealed the previous year that their son Colin had to enroll in a program for kids with special needs, and he wasn’t living with the family.


She told the world that Colin has special needs and he needs to learn certain strategies to help him live his best life. Kate admitted it was a fight she had to fought alone for a very long time and it affected not just her but the whole family.


Lately, she has been more open and honest with herself, about what needs to be done for Colin to get the help he deserves.  It became obvious to her that she doesn’t have the resources to meet his needs.


The mom of 8 confessed that her son’s absence was heart-rending and painful. She said it was a feeling she wouldn’t wish any mother to feel. But the family finds comfort in the fact that Collin is receiving exactly what he needs.


Kate made the decision not to share Colin’s whereabouts with the public, not even with her ex-husband.


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