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Trolls Pick On A Sexy Kate Wright Selfie Because Of Her Toes’ Shape


The seaside selfie of reality television personality Kate Wright did not receive the reaction The Only Way Is Essex star expected, and she only has her toes to blame.

The 25-year-old who has more than 603,000 Instagram followers, shared a picture of herself posing in an orange swimsuit a week ago, but unfortunately for her, it wasn’t her outfit or figure some people were commenting on.

Kate, who recently quit The Only Way Is Essex to focus on her bikini line, is known for posting selfies which showcase her stunning physique, but bizarrely, some users found the size and shape of her toes more interesting. The picture was liked more than 26.2K times nonetheless.

Nonchalant …. 💁🏼

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She positioned herself in front of the camera, looking out to the sea, with her hair ready to flick and her feet propped up on the rock formation she was sitting on.

However, people were quick to pick up on her ‘long’ toes, calling them ‘fingers’ and cruelly comparing them to sausages.

“Why the long toe?” one quipped.

Another Instagram user savagely added:

“Them trotters jeez that big toe looks like a saveloy sausage.”

“This would of been such a nice photo but those toes,” was a third infamous contribution.

Of course, the majority of Kate’s followers were bewildered by the toe-focus exhibited by some.

“Those saying that her toes have put you off… Hilarious thinking you’d actually have a shot with her,” one chuckled.

Another one gushed:

“Ignore ’em girl, they are that sad have to find something to talk about!! You look amazing.”

Holiday dreaming … 💭🌅👙🌊😎☺️

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Since January this year, Kate has been linked with former Manchester United and England football star Rio Ferdinand. After it was reported that the couple enjoyed a series of dates in Dubai last week, they were pictured together for the first time on Thursday, the 20th of April.


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