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Katie Piper Got Raped And Burned By Acid, But She Is Looking So Much Better These Days


Imagine what kind of hell your life would be if your ex husband raped you and then poured acid on your face.

That’s exactly what TV presenter Katie Piper had to go through. 10 years ago, she suffered a horrifying trauma and it was all done by a person who claimed to love her – her ex husband.

However, Katie is now living a wonderful life as a mother and wife and is helping others overcome the trauma of being burned. If you want to get critical, she’s raising awareness.

9 years ago in 2008, the 33-year-old TV presenter and model had been dating David Lynch for two weeks, until he mentally and physically abused her and raped her in a hotel room.

Katie Piper Got Raped And Burned By Acid, But She Is Looking So Much Better These Days

Source: PA

Two days after the rape, he made Katie go to an internet cafe. When she got there, someone (ordered by Lynch) poured sulfuric acid in her eye, which left her with a severe burn on her face and blindness in her left eye.

She told The Sun that she had to spend two months in hospital and had to have 40 operations done, and she also had to wear a plastic mask all day and every day.

But Piper didn’t let any of that stop her.

About a year later, she started the Katie Piper Foundation which helps burn victims get services they need such as hair restoration, medical tattooing, makeup and camouflage, peer support and scar advice.


Source: PA

She also made a documentary about her life, Katie: My Beautiful Face which aired in the UK in 2009, and has won several awards. She was also a guest on UK television programs such as Loose Women and This Morning. She presented the Bodyshockers TV series and also made her own TV series called Face to Face where she interviews other people with skin conditions.

Eight years after her attack in 2016, she married builder Richard Sutton who she had a daughter, named Belle, with.


Source: Mirror

“I feel so lucky to have met my husband, he’s a gift from God,” she told Mirror. “He’s an amazing person who changed my life for the better. He has given me our daughter and it’s one of the best things that has happened to me. In those early days I created barriers in my head about not being able to get back to work or not feeling attractive,” she said. “When I was single and dating my now-husband, I thought ‘he’ll never fancy me. This is going to go wrong. He won’t like me. What’s the point in going?’ But then I thought, ‘What do I lose?’ My experiences have taught me that confidence and happiness are life choices. It’s not luck.” Katie stated, regarding the subject of her recovery, which took a long time.


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