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Katy Perry Accidentally Hits Fan in Face With Plastic Eyeball At One Of Her Concerts


On Friday night, while she was performing the song Roar as part of her Witness tour, Katy Perry accidentally hit a fan in the face an inflatable eyeball. The 32-year-old pop star had a concert at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City where huge inflatable props were dropped from the ceiling. Katy kicked one of the inflatable eyeballs and knocked down the phone of a fan who was recording in the audience, as reported by r1l.fm


Luckily the fan found the whole situation hilarious and apparently she was “laughing uncontrollably”


The shocked fan explained the situation : “Some people were throwing them around, but one landed right by Katy and she kicked it! I didn’t realise that she was kicking it right at my face until it was too late. The ball hit me right square in the face and knocked my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked and started laughing hysterically. Everyone around me asked me if I was okay and I was just laughing uncontrollably.”


Last month while Katy was performing at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville she got stuck on a prop dangling high above the crowd.


The Swish Swish star even asked fans to record the incident knowing that it would go viral.

Katy told the crowd “I’m literally stuck. This is the first time I’ve been stuck in space!” The singer got stuck on a floating planet hanging from the roof of the arena.


“This thing is stuck right now, they’re lowering me down – they’re talking to me in my ear right now. It’s a whole big deal – you’d better pick your phone up because this is a YouTube moment. I could be stuck here forever! They said they’re going to lower me down. I’m coming down, I swear it was beautiful, you guys made it look magnificent. Honestly – y’all are the real stars right now.” the 33-year-old added.

“I do not want to smash you by sitting on you with a planet. I guess I’m just going to have to get down and walk amongst my people. This is what you get for trying to bring out all of space to Nashville.

“Shall I just jump?” Katy said jokingly to her fans.

After she got down the crowed escorted her with a round of applause.


Source: r1l.fm

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