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Katy Perry Ranks Her Exes On How Good They Are In Bed During Her Live Stream Session


What happened in the world of famous celebrities? Well, they just started live streams, and that’s not all. Thirty-two-year-old American actress, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (professionally known as Katy Perry) has gone wilder than ever, revealing interesting details bout her sex life. The Amercian singer and songwriter began her career singing in church and went into gospel music as a teenager. Perry rose to fame with the release of I Kissed A Girl, which sparked great controversy. So what happened with the girl who sang gospel music? She became famous for her eccentricity, which is her unique style. But on Sunday, June 11 , she was a part of a live stream “interview” with James Gorden and dropped some serious facts about her sex life.


The 32-year-old singer invited chat show host James Corden onto her Witness World Wide livestreaming session last weekend.  She was participating in his Late Late Show game ‘Spill Your Guts’ in which contestants have to answer a difficult question about themselves or eat something awful.

In Perry’s case, one of those things was an 1,000-year-old egg. She first refused to answer the question he asked, but let’s see what happened next. She was asked to rank her exes Orlando Bloom, John Mayer, and Diplo based on who was best in bed.

Looking all cute in that blue PJ set and a matching sleeping mask, she explained that all of them were great lovers. But Corden wasn’t satisfied with the answer. He said:

“Just give me a 1, 2, 3. I think Diplo is third because I think there’s a reason people become DJs… then Mayer, then Bloom?”

Katy shook her head. Then, he persisted: “Bloom then Mayer”?

Surprisingly, Katy nodded.


In the middle of the live stream, Katy revealed something else. The person behind her song ‘The One That Got Away’ was not on this list, and that’s Groban.

Perry dated her most recent ex Orlando Bloom for over a year before splitting up in early 2017.


She dated singer-songwriter John Mayer on and off until 2015. She was also linked to Diplo in 2014. Perry didn’t discuss ex husband Russell Brand though, to whom she was married for two years from 2010 to 2012.

She eventually rated them like this:

The Worst: Diplo

The in between: Orlando Bloom

The best: John Mayer

While some will agree the three of them are handsome, Katy has the experience to rank them, and we have yet to see their reactions.

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