Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kim Announces She Is Expecting A Baby

Although we are quite familiar with the news already, especially if you follow the Kardashians on the social media, we saw Kim officially announce her pregnancy on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Episode 10 that aired on December 10. The 37-year-old reality star is expecting her third child via a surrogate together with her husband, rapper Kanye West. In the episode, Kim was shown calling her family members to announce that her surrogate was pregnant with her baby. Now, we know that the baby is a girl and it’s due around Christmas! We can’t wait for the big news!

In the above-mentioned episode, we saw Kim impatiently waiting for this unnamed woman to get pregnant. Her sister, the 33-year-old Khloe revealed that Kim’s stress was worse because she also tried to get pregnant in a natural way earlier.


“We’re having a baby!” Kim Kardashian was shown calling her family members to break the news that a surrogate was pregnant with her baby.

Kim was wearing white pajamas as she sat in bed. Her then-assistant Stephanie was on the floor nearby as Kim video-chatted with the rest of her family.

She first called Khloe: “We’re having a baby! A girl.”

Momager Kris couldn’t hide her excitement and started crying: “I’m just so happy for you.”


Kourtney then told her: “No way! How exciting — we’re going to have baby number seven!”


“Telling my family about this news, I mean it is that exciting feeling, like you’re pregnant,” Kim confessed later on. “It’s the exact same feeling, especially at the beginning.”

However, she also told Kourtney: “I’m so excited, but it’s kind of weird when it’s not you. I don’t know whether to start eating donuts and celebrate like I would, like old times, or just go to the gym.”


“Kanye and I are like, “what do we do? we can do nothing for nine months! I’m totally gonna forget, seriously, and then a month before we’re gonna get “Oh s**t we need to get a nursery!””


The star revealed to Kourtney that it didn’t really seem real. “The fact that this is just what we can do these days, I’m like really thankful. Like I’m seriously so grateful for her and that someone is just so like selfless and kind to do this.”


She goes on her conversation with Kourtney. “It is frustrating like to not be able to do it on your own.”


Then, she confessed: “It is a weird dynamic. Like, I go to all the doctor’s appointments and I try to be really present, but when you’re not carrying it yourself it is such a fine balance of how much you’re going to be in their lives.”


“Of course I want to know every last detail that’s going on with my baby and that’s super frustrating, but I really trust my surrogate and I don’t want to be that person that’s trying to control her every move. It’s going to be a long hard process but I’m going to take it one day at a time and hopefully it just gets easier.”

Kim explained that this was her only choice when it came to getting pregnant.


“Kanye and I have always talked about having more kids, but I’ve gone through so much with really bad deliveries that the doctors don’t feel like it’s safe for me to carry my own babies,” Kim explained.

“But getting a surrogate and finding someone that you really trust really is so much more difficult of a situation than you could really could imagine. You have to make sure that their lifestyle is healthy, they have to go through psychological testing. But I think everything happens for a reason because the surrogate that I really love got approved.”


Kim opened up about her surrogate.

“She’s such a nice person, she’s so easy to talk to, she’s the perfect fit for us. This particular surrogate was the best fit for our family. so we just had to go with it and try one embryo.”

Besides this, she admitted it’s a ‘waiting game’ and ‘so frustrating’ to see if the surrogate got pregnant,’ talking to Khloe. “It’s really nerve-wracking because there’s only a 60 percent chance it will take. I mean, I tried one and I lost it. So it’s just a chance.


In the meantime, Kim and Khloe failed to hide jealousy over thinking Kylie Jenner was now their mom’s favorite.


Kim was first to show jealousy when mom Kris had to leave them to go help Kylie. “She’s just your favorite.”

“Yeah, and Kim’s not anymore,”Khloe agreed, with Kim adding: “It’s fine — Kylie makes more money right now.”


Kris, on the other hand, said this is a horrible thing to say.’ “This is the perfect example of why Kylie’s so much nicer and why I spend so much more time with her. You give me such s**t and she’s so sweet to me all the time and does such nice things and cares. Kylie’s just so nice to me all the time. She’ll buy me little fun things to let me know she’s thinking about me.”


She teased them as she walked off: “Right now you two are tied for my least favorite, how about that?”

Of course, Kim tried to buy her favorite cake and Khloe surprised her by organizing her pantry and even closing down Saks so they could have a private shopping trip.


Interestingly, the girls realized Kris was lying about Kylie buying presents. She did them to make them jealous.


“She’s really a snake,” Khloe said.

They then gave her her favorite cake with ‘sweet revenge’ written on it. Also, they smashed it into her head.

“You’ve been manipulating all of us and using your daughters to buy you s**t!” Khloe shouted at her, with Kim adding: “You fully scammed us.”


“If that’s what it takes to get you guys to be nice to me, at least I’m smart enough to figure that out,” Kris insisted.


In the meantime, Khloe got frustrated about Kourtney being so shy about her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

“She won’t even say his name which blows my mind!” she complained to Kim and Kim’s then-assistant Stephanie Shepherd.


It all started when Kourtney got their French personal trainer to only speak to her in his native language.


Khloe said to camera: “Kourt’s actually getting on my f***ing nerve, just smack the stupid smile off your face.”

Kim and Khloe then pranked Kourtney by pretending they would set her up with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. They told her he was ‘the most perfect guy for you’.


“We are totally testing Kourt, we do not even know this guy,” Kim admitted.


“He’s probably married. But we’re totally just using a hot guy to bait her. If she won’t go with him then she definitely has a boyfriend.”


“I don’t go on dates,” Kourtney told her sister, explaining: “I don’t want to sit there and go, “How old are you?”

“I’m really busy this week. I have a lot going on.”


She still refused to open up about Younes.


“How old are you, three?” Khloe asked Kourtney. “You’re not saying the name, that’s so f***ing stupid.”

“Ok, so say the f***ing name, but shut the f**k up,” Kourtney snapped back.  Khloe replied: “It’s the name — I’m not telling her to tell me his d*ck size and what the f**k she’s doing in the bedroom. Like, get over yourself. It’s so strange.”


Then, Kourtney admitted she has a boyfriend. “Sure, Khloe.”


“That’s news to me, Kim, and stuff. You’ve never said this,” Khloe smiled as her sister blushed.


Source: dailymail