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Kendall Jenner’s Dermatologist Shares Advice On Battling Acne

Kendall Jenner Advice On Battling Acne
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Kendall Jenner has spoken openly and very candidly about her struggle with acne.

Back in October 2016, the 21-year-old model came out to share the experience from her early teens in order to help girls who are fighting a similar fight.

The face of Estee Lauder admitted to have felt like “an outcast” which seriously affected her self-confidence until she met Dr. Christie Kidd who is now the personal dermatologist of most of the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

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According to Dr. Kidd, when dealing with acne one should abide by the less is more philosophy. She says in such cases “It’s as much about what you don’t do, as what you do”. She strongly discourages using anything other than your hands when treating an acne-ridden face: scrubbing, brushing or even using a cloth is strictly forbidden.

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Dr. Kidd has met numerous patients who calm their anxiousness caused by their acne by applying far more products than their skin needs.

This in turn causes a counter-effect:

“I often find patients have bought and are using far too many products which makes their skin worse.” she told “Using anything abrasive on acne can increase inflammation of the zit, actually making it worse, while washcloths can be too intense and potentially spread bacteria”.

To show her gratefulness to Dr. Christie Kidd and point her fans in the right direction, Kendall shared a video with Dr. Kidd’s tips on her website and app. You can check it out below.

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