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After This Bikini Picture Of Kendall Jenner, Fans Are Convinced That She Got Bum Injections


Among other things, one of which you won’t find on conventional websites, the Kardashian – Jenner family are also famous for their hourglass figures. Each one of the girls has an amazing body that leaves one to wonder: how do they do it?


The girls are pretty active on social media, posting provocative skimpy lingerie pics to their Instagram/Snapchat accounts. Lately, the youngest sister Kylie, 20, has been refraining from such posts, though, due to the well-publicized pregnancy speculation; 21-year-old Kendall, however, has been working hard to fill that void.


The 21-year-old just recently posted a close-up of her backside in a red swimsuit on Instagram; the hot picture got a well-deserved caption: “84°”.


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Big sister Kim recently confirmed that she is expecting a baby via surrogate while Khloe and Kylie are rumored to be pregnant with their first child. And “rumored” is just putting it nicely!

On the other hand, Kourtney is enjoying her new romance love with current boyfriend Younes Bendijma.

Fans were quick to comment on Kenny’s picture accusing her of having “bum injections”.

“Plastic surgery done right,” commented one of her fans.

Another speculated on the surgery, writing: “Her booty is growing.”

“Here y’all go with the surgeries.”

A fourth fan slammed: “84 butt injections.”

“Did she get a butt lift too?” questioned another of her followers, and a second jokingly added: “New butt injections who dis?”

One more simply wrote: “Yes, cause she is natural,” adding laughing emojis.


During one of the latest episode on KUWTK, the Victoria Secret angel went to discuss her Pepsi ad but it seems like fans were more focused on her lip injections.

“I’m so distracted by Kendall’s filler lips to listen or believe her apology,” exclaimed one fan.

Another added: “So we just gonna ignore the fact that Kendall got her lips done? She was the only one I had hope for.”

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