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People Are Not Liking Kendall Jenner’s Latest Nude Photo And There’s A Reason For That


Even though Kendall Jenner has been through the PR ringer recently, a recent selfie of hers hasn’t helped matters, like, at all.


Some misguided campaigns have seen Jenner try to solve racial tensions with Pepsi, steal artwork from 2Pac and then promote the “luxury” Fyre festival that saw revelers housed in refugee shelters.

Her answer to supermodel super-stardom pissed off ballerinas too.


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However, Kendall still manages to be one of the most visible women in the world and her modeling career is not slowing down at all.Neither are her selfies.

The latest picture she posted caused another outraged response from some of her 8.2 million followers.

i don’t smoke

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Kendall is pictured holding a cigarette in the black and white picture but when there’s smoke, there’s fire so some observes have fanned the flames of her current notoriety by pointing out the hypocrisy in her caption.

She simply wrote: “i don’t smoke”.

Faux Cig. 📷 @490tx

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One Insta-warrior queried:

“Why do you take photos with cigs if you don’t?”

Another wrote:

“You don’t smoke but you like to smell like them? I don’t understand”, while a third said she was a “bad influence” for “glamourizing” the habit for her tween followers.


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