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Kendall Jenner Just Got A New Tattoo, And You Wouldn’t Know Where It Is

Kendal Jener
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Kendall Jenner missed out on a couple of Paris Fashion Week events, and you’re probably wondering why.
Well, that’s because she was getting some fresh ink. And she did it

You may ask, why?
Well, because she can.

Tattoo artist Jon Boy performed this demanding task, and the chosen tattoo and spot were the word “Meow” across her bottom lip.

It was respected tattoo artist, Jon Boy, who performed the very hard task of tattooing one of the most well known supermodels of our time, who decided to get inked the word ‘Meow’ across her bottom lip.

She hasn’t given any specific reasons as to why she chose that exact word, but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later.

We do know one thing and that’s that Kendall likes to be a bit more edgy than her sisters.
I mean, after all, she’s the one who got her nips pierced.

Instead of trying to be edgy, she was perhaps making a wise career move by deciding her bottom lip is the ideal spot for her tattoo.

Because, as we know, in a lot of industries, especially in the modelling one, tattoos can be a problem, as they expect you to be a “blank canvas”.

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