Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Toned Abs While Attending An NBA Game

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Toned Abs While Attending An NBA Game


The latest rumors tell us that model Kendall Jenner, 21 has been recently linked to NBA superstar Blake Griffin. Sounds familiar? That’s because her half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, has been dating Cavs player Tristan Thompson for a while now, and rumor has it they’re both expecting a child. But that’s not the subject of today.

On Thursday night, Kendall was spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game, supposedly to support her man. However, she certainly knew how to steal the spotlight. Just look at that outfit!


Thursday night, Kendall Jenner spotted while attending the Los Angeles Lakers versus Los Angeles Clippers game.


The reality star and model was there to support her supposed boyfriend, basketball player Blake Griffin. Kendall certainly knows how to attract attention: while arriving for the opening night, she showed up wearing a white crop top. Those abs, though.

The 21-year-old model also wore a grey blazer, and completed the look by wearing light blue “boyfriend” ripped jeans and white leather heels.


She really inherited the habit of stealing the show wherever she appears, just like her sisters.


And of course, she must be so lucky she got to sit courtside at the game everyone was eagerly waiting for.


Only a Jenner can pull off that grey double breasted blazer like that on an NBA game. Gorgeous!


At one point, she was caught playing with her cell phone. I guess everyone has to take a break from cheering once in a while and check what the fans have been up to.
This time, Kendall went for a natural look with minimal make-up, nude lips and a little blush.

The cheering must have paid off, since Blake scored 29 points with two steals and twelve rebounds. LA Clippers took home their first victory of the year against the Lakers, with the final score of 108-92.


Who is she talking to? Regardless, she still doesn’t let her rumored boyfriend out of her sight.


She attended the game with a male friend, and they certainly look like they are having fun.


Now this is what we call fashionably early, the two friends came earlier to get the chance to catch up.


What did she spot here?


One thing is for sure – she seems as she is enjoying the game.


Good girl Kendall, always lending a hand when needed.


At one point, she was really distracted by what her friend was showing her on his phone.


Do not disturb, I’m watching a game!- Kendall let someone know she is having fun.


She must have been her rumored boyfriend’s loudest supporter and fan.


Kendall looks so excited here!


Ok, pretty busy, I’ll call you back!- Kendall while showing off those perfectly styled waves.


A quick update for her followers. That popcorn looks delicious.


Apart from Kendall, it seems that many other celebrities attended the game. Gal Gadot was there with her Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

It is no surprise that Jack Nicholson was spotted there, since he has been attending Lakes games for decades.
What is really interesting is that Kendall previously gave a statement that she is not interested in a serious relationship with the five-time All-Star. And again, there she is, cheering from the top of her lungs.

Nothing new: Kendall turns heads as she show up at the game.


She showed everyone how perfectly tones abs should look like.


She proved she appreciates her fans, by giving our a few autographs.


An Insider told People magazine: “They are seeing each other more and Blake is doing everything in his power to make Kendall his girlfriend, but she is keeping him at arm’s length because she knows how busy she is”. Afterwards, they added: ‘He is super into her,’ and ‘She thinks he’s dorky and funny, but also cool and sexy. She thinks he has a certain attractive “swagger”.

What is left for us is to keep our eyes open and see if something more serious happens between these two.

Source: dailymail

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