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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Say That Their Childhood “Chore” Was To Get Weekly Manicures

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It is not hard at all to imagine that superstars Kendall and Kylie Jenner had different childhoods comparing to a typical teenager. They were free from taking out the garbage, washing the car or doing the dishes and as if that wasn’t enough, they were enjoying at-home spa treatments with weekly manicures mandated from their mom Kris, 61.

So, now according to the sisters, Kris was the one who insisted on weekly manicures for her daughters. The 19-year-old Kylie, admitted how she hated the regular manicures because they always took up her play time.


Sister act: Is it possible to be forced to get manicures?


The Jenners have been in the spotlight before they could walk and clearly it’s a sore subject for the stylish pair since the topic came up during an interview at Coachella. As for the 21-year-old Kendall, she said that Kris “would make us get manicures”.

“She would have a nail artist come to the house once a week,” she explained.

Without their weekly nail tune-up, Kris felt like her daughters would look “like you’re not put together”.

So, old habits don’t go away that easy and Kylie admits that now she spends five hours on her nails.


Kylie still continues the weekly ritual that Kris began.


Low-key Kendall: As for Kendall, she says that she gets her nails done only for photo shoots.


The successful Kris Jenner, knows the value of appearances. Her mandatory chore for her young daughters seems extreme, even for Kardashian standards.


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