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KFC Releases Bath Bomb That Smells Like Fried Chicken


Are you a lover of bath bombs? These hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients that get all foamy when wet, are the simplest of bath pleasures. If you also happen to be a KFC lover and currently in Japan, you can also enjoy a KFC bath bomb, smelling like your favorite fried chicken. What? Yeah, you heard right. It’s real and it’s happening, well, as expected, in Japan.


KFC and novelty retailers, Village Vanguard, have apparently joined to create a KFC bath bomb. I don’t know about you, but this still looks unreal to me. So here are more real details about this product. The savory bath product is officially known as ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder’! Okay, I already have the whole picture in my mind. The product is also jam-packed with the Colonel’s top secret potion of 11 herbs and spices.

That’s not all, folks! Believe it or not, the product is shaped like a hearty drumstick!


This fragrant bomb has caused an explosion of excitement on the social media, as expected.

One woman declared:

“Might quit my job and sell homemade KFC bath-bombs on Etsy.”

Another person wrote:

“Be thankful you exist at the same time as KFC bath bombs.”

The sad news? You must live in Japan to get it! 100 people will actually be chosen via lottery starting from 1 November to 15 November to enjoy the product in Japan.

What you need to do is retweet the following KFC tweet to enter the lottery game. Besides winning the products, the winners will also receive a red and white KFC-branded box along with a coupon for a ‘Secret Combination Pack’.

Feeling surprised? Actually, this isn’t the first time KFC has gone in the beauty industry. They’ve made it possible to smother KFC sunscreen over yourselves and paint your nails with edible nail polishes flavours, including Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.


Sadly, until we have it here, we can only imagine what it’s like to have this kind of a bath bomb.

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