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Khloé Kardashian Cooks Kidneys for Her Boyfriend Tristan Thompson And She Is Not Thrilled


You can almost become a new person when you fall in love. And that sometimes means that you do stuff that you wouldn’t even think of doing previously. This is what Khloé Kardashian did only for the sake of love for her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The 32-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ star, model, and entrepreneur has posted a video on Snapchat, learning how to make kidneys for her dear boyfriend. Did she like the fact that he chose kidneys? Not at all, but, oh boy, she is so in love with him she could climb up Mount Everest! This is obviously so far from her comfort zone.

The reality star helped cooking kidneys for the first time on Sunday, June 25th, with her 26-year-old Canadian NBA boyfriend, and for someone that doesn’t eat meat, it was a harrowing experience.


She opened the container to reveal two huge raw kidneys. “Oh … Babe, I can’t do this,” she groaned. “I don’t even eat this meat.” Meanwhile, the NBA star was excited as he exclaimed, “Yaaaas! Yaaaas! Yaaaas!”

As she gets her first glimpse at the meat, she can’t hide her trepidation. “I feel like I’m on Fear Factor,” Kardashian shares.

Thompson, however, seems to be pretty excited as he starts cutting the meat. Although she is a bit grossed out, Kardashian says that her boyfriend is looking good in the kitchen.

“He is pretty hot cutting meat, if I just ignore that it’s kidney,” she says while filming him on Snapchat.

Then, it’s time for her to step in and knead the meat. “This whole thing is disgusting,” she tells Thompson as she washes her hands afterwards.

Next, Kardashian says that she’s going to work out with sister Kourtney while the kidney marinates.

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These lovebirds have started cooking together, and that’s not all. They have taken their relationship pretty seriously.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 32, and the Cavaliers player, 26, have been dating since last fall and have “talked about both a wedding and a baby,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Over the last few years, Kardashian has been a caring aunt to her nieces and nephews, and now “she really wants a baby,” says the source. “She hopes it will happen soon.”

Thompson is already a father to 6-month-old son Prince (with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig), and “Khloé has spent some time with his baby,” says the source. “She is very attracted to Tristan as a dad, too.”

Looks like she can do a lot in the name of love!


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