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Khloé Kardashian: The Ugly Duckling’s Blossoming


32-year-old Khloé Kardashian has never been shy on social media. Her Instagram feed is littered with lingerie and skin with barely any clothing draped over it.

The middle Kardashian sister was long considered the “ugly duckling” of the family by many, although she had always had her cult following. However, nowadays her beauty is undisputed and she is never fazed to show as much of it as possible.


She looks good in lace, too, doesn’t she?


Khloé has come a long way from the days when the Kardashians first appeared on our screens. Back then, her plump body shape made her quite reluctant to show off as much as her sisters did. However, over time she managed to lose excess weight and every year since has made that much prettier.


Her new hairstyle, shared by her stylist, Jen Atkin, who posted it to her own account with the caption, “Back w my little A1 from Day 1 @khloekardashian”


Happy birthday mommy! 👑

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Khloé has spoken openly about her openness to baring her breasts. In People‘s “5 Questions” video, she admitted:

“I don’t mind a good nipple. We all have them. They are just not as offensive to me as they are to other people. I obviously don’t want a nip slip, but if it happens, it’s not like, ‘Omg I’m so humiliated.’ It’s not the end of the world to me. Other slips would be the end of the world to me, but nip slips I’m just like, ‘Everyone has them who cares.’”

It’s always yeezy season. #YeezySeason #Calabasas

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When it comes to nipple covers, Khloé has admitted she never cared about them too much: “I literally don’t like to use them and Monica is the one who forces me to use them. I’m like Monica, get over it. It’s my boobs I don’t care. She’s like my mom I love her.”


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