Khloe And Kourtney Kardashian Butt Heads In Latest KUWTK Episode

The last Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode for this calendar year did not fail to deliver your recommended weekly dose of drama. Aired on Sunday, December 17, the episode saw what might be called an argument between Khloe and Kourtney. Well, it was more bickering than an actual argument, but that’s what passes for entertainment nowadays.


So what happened? Well, the sisters were chilling by the pool in mommy Kris Jenner’s mansion in Hidden Hills, California. Things were going swimmingly, the sun was shining, the water was glistening, and both Kardashians looked as glamorous as anyone does when they’re having a nice R&R session at home. Kourtney was wearing a black bikini and showing off such a toned body that you’d never guess she was 38 years old. Khloe, on the other hand, was in a black and white one-piece and lying on her stomach to conceal her ever growing belly. This was, of course, before the 33-year-old officially revealed she was expecting her first child with her basketball superstar boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

So where were we? Oh, yes, the argument! The reason for it was… *drumroll…* A fitness line. Apparently, Kourtney and Khloe were planning to launch a fitness fashion line together, and the younger sister had to put on hold a line she had ready for Good American. But Khloe felt like Kourtney wasn’t pulling her weight when it came to their joint project. Khloe accused her of not doing enough to get things up and running, as she flashed her long, red, and very sharp-looking nails menacingly. Sorry, she didn’t do that really, even if her nails did look quite scary. But I digress.


Fed up with Kourtney’s irresponsible ways, Khloe decided to pull the plug and go back to her own thing and her own Good American line. And you won’t believe how Kourtney reacted! That last sentence sounds like the title of a really bad and not-at-all informative click-bait video… Anyway, yes, Kourtney didn’t even try to argue the point. In fact, sipping some nice white wine and with a smile on her face, she conceded that her little sis was actually right. “Go for it girl. I’m not the fastest moving person, and I know that I procrastinate,” she admitted. “I know that I don’t follow through – that’s why I need a partner that does those things and pushes me.”

And then everything was fine and there was peace and happiness in the Kardashian world. Khloe did feel very proud of herself, though, as she had just made some truly self-empowering and really important business decisions. Later, when she was doing a sexy photo shoot for her new line, she declared, “I don’t want to go backward. I really love where I am as a businesswoman right now. I love that my opinions matter and that I’m able to make such strong executive decisions right now.” Good for you, Khloe!

What’s next then? Well, how about a nice shot of Kris Jenner’s gorgeous mansion? Here you go:


If you meant what happened next with the Kardashians, sit back, relax, and read on. This is truly captivating stuff! Next day, Monday, Kourtney didn’t even mention the sisterly banter of the previous afternoon. Instead, she lead us on a tour around the guest bedroom of her own Californian home. The mother-of-three took to her website and shared two photos by Burke Doeren. She aptly titled the post “My Guest Room At Home” and this is how she described the room reserved for VIP guests only:

“I love having friends come stay with me at my house. I didn’t want my guest room to be an afterthought and really wanted to make it a comfortable space with a cool vibe. My decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, helped me find modern pieces mixed with cozy linens. Martyn designed this custom-upholstered bed in a modern taupe velvet. The vintage Moroccan rug from Mansour Modern covers the whole room and makes the space feel extra cozy. Obviously, bedding is key, so I use the same super-soft linens throughout my house from a company called Legna.”


Kourtney, who has appeared in the Architectural Digest magazine went into even more detail about her Calabasas mansion guest room:

“These bedside tables from Rose Tarlow were my mom’s that she gave to me. I always put out glass carafes with filtered water on these tables so my guests can stay hydrated and have water handy throughout the night. Behind the bedside tables, I added custom-framed mirrors to add dimension to the space and also to pick up some of the lighting from the lacquered table lamps.

‘The 1965 black-and-white photo of Edie Sedwick and Andy Warhol above the bed is by photographer Steve Schapiro and from the Fahey Klein Gallery. Lighting is so important to make any room comfortable, so I wanted to make sure it was addressed for the guest room, too! The matching black lacquer Atollo table lamps from Oluce are both on dimmers so the light can be adjusted from bed. The industrial-style Edison chandelier is also on a dimmer and has cool vintage-style lightbulbs.”

And she ended the meticulous description by saying, “I always put fresh robes, bath towels, extra blankets and bottled water in the guest room, so it has a hotel vibe. Also, I love putting cool art books and Taschen coffee-table books out, so friends have something to read before they fall asleep.”


Here’s a random photo of Kourtney and her 24-year-old beau Younes Bendjima


The TV personality and her model boyfriend were spotted having a date over the weekend. Kourtney also went to Disnayland to enjoy the decorations. And she was featured in the Kardashian Kristmas Kard! Here she is with her sons, 8-year-old Mason, and 3-year-old Reign.


Okay, so that’s what Kourtney had to share with her loyal followers. And while I’m sure many of them found the exhaustive description of a room fascinating, especially the ones majoring in interior design, let’s see if any other Kardashian had something more… juicy to tell us.

Let’s start with Khloe.

Oh, this looks promising! Khloe also updated her website and she revealed what her favourite ever Christmas presents were. So exciting!

“I know how hard it is to find good gifts for my family members, so when I receive something that really touches me … honey, I’m impressed. Check out the sweetest Christmas gifts I’ve received from my sisters!” the expectant mother began her post.


“Kylie – My lil’ cutie got me a personalized choker one year and I love it. For her 20th birthday, I had one made for her that said “BabyGirl” (my nickname for Kylie),” she continued.

Kim gave her “something that Keeks had that I was totally loving, so she bought me one, too. It was so nice and selfless of her—and now we’re twins!” Kendall got matching necklaces for all four of her sisters, which Khloe thought was “so special” and she “still treasure[s] it.” Kourtney gave her a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, which is “one of my all-time favorites,” as “it was [Marilyn’s] photo shoot with Lawrence Schiller, who was one of my dad’s best friends.”

The Christmas presents aside, Khloe reminisced about 2017 and concluded it was an incredible year because of Tristan, her birthday party, the time with her nieces and nephews and the success of Good American.


Well, that was perhaps a bit more interesting, but we want something even more… sensational.

Kim probably had something really mind-blowing to share with her website followers, right? Right indeed! Kim told us all about the Kardashian holiday traditions and even got a little bit sentimental! Hope you’re sitting comfortably, because this is one hell of a long story. The 37-year-old began:

“The holidays are such a special time of the year. I’m especially grateful for our large family and all the holiday traditions we’ve continued over the years. Passing these traditions down to my kids is really important to me and it just makes me realize how blessed we all are to be such a close family.

“Before the holiday season even begins, we all go to Aldik Home to pick out the most incredible Christmas decorations. I swear, every year someone tries to steal my decoration ideas! I’ve started keeping my plans to myself so everyone is surprised. I can get competitive, lol—we all can! And, a lot of us love to use Jeff Leatham to help us bring the most incredible holiday decor to life.”

But wait, there’s more!

“Next on our holiday traditions list is designing our family Christmas card. This year, we kept the look simple with denim and white tees. I love how it turned out! Our theme was 25 Days of Christmas, so we’ve been revealing a picture every day leading up to Christmas Day.

“Before Christmas, we also always have a gingerbread house decorating party at Kourt’s. She invites close friends and family over so that the kids can all be together.”


“My mom’s annual Christmas Eve party is probably everyone’s favorite night of the year. It’s all our closest family and friends celebrating the holidays with a night of food, fun and dancing. Everyone gets glammed up and we have the best time. My mom is the ultimate host and no one comes close to her decorating skills.”

“At the Christmas Eve party, we see the same Santa that we’ve had since we were kids. He is honestly the perfect Santa! It’s really special that something I experienced in my childhood is now a part of my kids’ childhood. We also have a photo booth at the party. You know our family loves a good photo booth!

“On Christmas morning, we all wear our matching pajamas when we open presents at Kourtney’s house. Each year, we get different pajamas.

“Over the years, it’s become a tradition that each family member has their own wrapping paper so that you know who the gift is from—it’s a fun representation of their style. In previous years, Kanye and I went with matte black wrapping paper with a black ribbon. It’s fun to give gifts that personalized touch.”

On that note, let’s end this recap with a cute photo of Kim and her 4-year-old daughter North.


Source: dailymail