Khloe Kardashian Got A Surprise Birthday Party From Her Boyfriend Tristan Thompson

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we saw that Khloe Kardashian has a very romantic boyfriend. The Cleveland Cavaliers star hosted a surprise party for his girlfriend’s birthday, with the help of some of her family members. He even said a few loving words for the birthday girl, as shared by The Daily Mail. 


“First thing, of course, happy birthday. Another year, another life, another year on this beautiful earth” Tristan said to Khloe.

‘I’m very honored and glad to be part of your journey. Baby, it’s your day, it’s your month, it’s your year. And I feel good being around you, girl,’ he added.

The 33-year-old reality star was pleasantly surprised and also said a few words: ‘I am having the best time. Tristan is just incredible and I have never been this happy. I am so lucky being with someone that is so thoughtful and so sweet,’


The couple kissed during the surprise birthday party


The Canadian basketball player even gave a speech at the surprise party about his girlfriend


He completely surprised Khloe.


Khloe told the cameras that she invited the NBA pro to stay for the summer, but her boyfriend would have to find someplace other than Khloe’s closet to get changed.

‘He is a guy and we are all girls here and I don’t want him walking around with his shlong around everywhere you know?’ she told her sister.


While Khloe and Kourtney were organizing the closet, Kim was accused of doing a blackface for adverts.

‘Oh my gosh. I’m seeing these photos for the campaign, the ones that we took. And people online are saying that I’m doing blackface but I would never in a million years be disrespectful and do that,’ said an upset Kim.


However, the reality star was apparently just moody and tanned during the photo shoot for her beauty line.

‘The photos ended up being a little bit darker than I was and people online were saying I was doing blackface and the photos were inappropriate,’ she said.

‘The Internet world is just so toxic and I feel like people are just waiting for you to make a mistake just to point it out.’


One of Kim’s photos that raised accusations of blackface

The 37-year-old star explained that she would never be disrespectful.

‘I get it, I was super tanned, the lighting was really moody so I get why people might say that, but I don’t want to give people the reason to say anything negative,’ said Kim.

‘I would never disrespect anyone.’


The couple who is expecting their first child together will spend the summer together in Los Angeles, even though they first wanted to stay in Cleveland. ‘It is so nice, I have never had a guy who wants our families to blend before,’ said Khloe.

‘Tristan has always gone out of his way to make me feel at home and in Cleveland has gone above and beyond and I want to do the same in LA,’ Khloe said.


Kendall helped her sister to find some rentals right away, while Jonathan asked her how Kylie felt about Kim getting into the makeup business.

‘Um, she is really like so supportive of it,’ Kim told him.

‘That’s so cool,’ said Jonathan


‘For the past decade my sisters and I have always had a licensing deal and going from being a licensee to an owner is such a big deal and so much more responsibility. I feel like this is what I have been working for for 10 years,’ she added.


Kendall told her sisters that she is going to France to see her boyfriend. ‘She is going to see her French croissant,’ laughed Khloe.


Later, Kim told her mom that she was anxious about an interview with Forbes Women’s Summit.


‘There is a lot of pressure as everything you can say can be taken out of context or the wrong way, so I want to be prepared,’ Kim told Kris.


In an interview with Forbes Magazine Kim opened up about people who are talking mean things about her, but also she said she understands that, and the most important thing to her is her beauty line.


The media mogul organized a party at her home for the beauty line launch.


She showed off the beauty products at the party.


In the meantime, Scott Disick was not happy with the fact that he wasn’t invited at Khloe’s surprise birthday party.


‘I don’t do a family roll call so…’ Kim told him coldly.

‘I mean there is only one person that would have gotten me not invited and that was Kourtney. I highly doubt that Khloe was like ”The last person I want at my surprise party is Scott”,’ he told them bluntly.

‘It’s cool, I called my sister and hung out with her the whole night and then I called my mom and said ”Do you want to come over as I’m feeling down and lonely because the family that claims I am still blood, even though we are not together, still doesn’t invite me to a surprise party” but I feel really good about it,’

But Kourtney was in no mood to hear his complaints and told him that his ‘pity party’ was a sign that he ‘should act differently.’


‘There are things that you should just know,’ Kim told Scott.

‘You don’t discuss things or communicate. I can understand you not inviting me to your birthday, but your sister whom I have known forever, longer than anyone else who was there outside the family, I would have wanted to be there for her. I don’t get it. Be honest,’ he told her.

Apparently, Kourtney was concerned about him being photographed going inside the house.

‘Photographed going in is your concern? My concern was being there for your sister who I love and have cared about for the last 10 or 12 years and been there for through thick and thin and marriages and all these different things,’ said Scott.


Kourtney admitted that she did not expect Scott to ask her about the invite to the party.  ‘I was trying to be positive and I just didn’t want to say ”I didn’t want you there” and if I can’t say anything nice I just won’t say anything at all,’ she said.


But after talking with her sister Khloe, she decided to give Scott and honest answer.


‘Our lives are changing and there are times I want you to come and there are times that I don’t,’ Kourtney told him.

‘There are times I just want to be able to go and do things,’ she added.

‘You can, every single day of your whole entire life,’ Scott told her.


‘Yes, but they are also big events for me,’ he argued.

‘You act as if I was not there for this family. I feel like you love the fact you can hold this over me.And that is like your control factor,’ Scott told her

‘You feel like you can go out and do whatever you want and purposely try and hurt me and still get invited to everything,’ Kourtney said.


Kourtney and her ex had a candid and honest talk.


They were even telling jokes.

‘You think when I turn 40 I am going to go ”Hey I have been looking for this drunk guy with a bunch of dirty s*** stained underwear w***es,’ said Kourtney laughing.

‘You guys are so nuts,’ said Khloe.


Chloe believed these two are completely insane.


source: dailymail