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You Won’t Recognize The Kid From “Big Daddy” And “Friends”

Twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse kid

A lot of child actors have a hard time growing up because when you are just “that little kid” on a show, it is pretty hard to transition into a mature, adult actor. We have seen a child actors go the wrong way, abusing drugs and alcohol, leaving the fans wondering what happened to them. But just because some might make a poor decision, doesn’t mean all of them do.

Do you remember the cute little boy from Big Daddy and Friends? Well, it wasn’t only one boy in fact but two little ones. Twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse fooled everyone who got to see them act and lately they have done a lot of growing up. After you see them in the pictures down below, you might not recognize them anymore.


Dylan and Cole get their start at just eight months old after following a suggestion from their grandmother. When they were just eight months old, they got the role of Patrick Kelly on ABC’s Grace Under Fire. They continued their role until they were six years old.


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The twins land their first big movie role and this one was their BIG moments. For Dylan and Cole that was landing the role of Julian in Adam Sandler’s comedy called Big Daddy.


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The pair were starting to make a name for themselves taking more and more acting roles. They were spotted in a lot of Hollywood movies in the early 2000s.


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Cole gets his big role – Ben on Friends, so the twins were split up and didn’t play together on this one.


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Remember I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause? What about Just 4 Kicks? These were released for DVD only, but the boys aced them.


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Twins got landed their first Disney show in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. Kids loved the show and the audience finally got to see the two playing together.


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With all of the success they were having, the boys decided to release a brand called Sprouse Bros which aimed at including the “cool kids” and “nerds as one large demographic. They created clothing and comics.


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Their show was such a hit that Disney included their characters into other programs. Zack and Cody appeared in That’s So Raven.


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After the show was done, in 2008 the twins starred in another thing called The Suite Life On Deck. This was a show that focused on Zack and Cody’s new house – a cruise ship.


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After three years of the show, it finally comes to an end and they decided they had plans other than acting.


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The 24-year-old brothers came back to reality. The two were accepted to NYU where Cole focused on humanities and archaeology while Dylan studied video game design. They graduated in 2015.


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Today the little “kid” from Big Daddy and Friends is (are?) not so little anymore. With their diplomas in hand, the boys are considering to get back into acting. Let’s hope so.


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