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Kid Does ‘Dad Stuff’ With His Neighbor While His Dad Is Deployed And Teaches A Great Lesson About Family


There is nothing worse than having one of your parents leave for work and not see you for months or years. Something is missing then, the hangouts, the laughing, doing stuff together. Deployed soldiers are such parents. But this clever little boy has found a perfect way to do the stuff he did with his own dad and act like he is still with him. He does not only work in the garden but goes on to visit his neighbors, for the cutest reasons. Wait until you see how this cutie spends his days after his dad was deployed.


Source: Twitter | @Molly_Cravens17

Little Brian Kelly loved to do yard work with his dad. But then his dad, who’s in the Air Force, was sent overseas, he turned to his neighbors. Dean and Molly Cravens can expect to find Brian on their porch when the door bell rings, which is almost every day.


Source: Twitter | @Molly_Cravens17

Little Brian started noticing Dean out with his hedge trimmers and came to talk to him. These two are not only doing “dad stuff” like yard work, but also have a lot of fun. They love playing catch or golf or basketball. Dean has only three daughters and no sons of his own, so he loves hanging out with Brian, too.


Source: Twitter | @Molly_Cravens17

Brian’s mom knows this is a temporary thing, but she’s grateful to have such great neighbors. Although Dean can’t replace his dad, he is doing a wonderful thing. “When Dan gets back, Brian’s going to cry and run to him with open arms,” she told ABC News.


Source: Twitter | @Molly_Cravens17

Molly posted a few pics of Brian on Twitter, and, people have reacted very emotionally about this awesome friendship.


Source: Twitter | @DylanLim21

It’s simply amazing that people come together for the good of a kid.


Source: Twitter | @Chi_towngirl80

It’s more than obvious that technology can’t replace the closeness of a family and can’t replace the father. However, the people who step up do make a huge difference.


Source: Reddit | Thejesusparticle

This is just one example of many cases.  This two-star general surprised a student whose dad was deployed by showing up to his class and reading with them.


Source: Twitter | @FranconiaES

One deployed dad, who’s also a police officer, counted on his buddies on the force to look after his boy while he was overseas.

Could you ask for better protection?


Source: Twitter | @MentorPolice

Similarly, these firefighters are looking out for the son of one of their own while he’s deployed.

Source: Twitter | @IAFFLocal59

Another deployed dad, who knew he would miss his daddy-daughter dance, found a Beast to escort his Belle to the ball. He made her day special although he wasn’t there.


Source: Facebook | Lanya Nelson

Life does go on during deployment. Kids like Brian aren’t alone. There are millions of kids in America who have parents serving overseas.


Source: Facebook | National Military Family Association

Stress can build up in younger kids, where they would be more prone to crying, clinginess, headaches, stomach aches, and nightmares. Other kids might show aggression, too.

So people who make their childhoods easier are simply some of the best things in this world.


Source: | Sgt. Heidi E. Agostini | Marine Corps


Source: Reddit | DarkSide66

These are just a few reasons why the remaining parents should start doing stuff for their kids.


Source:National Military Family Association

The best place to start is conversation. Talk to your kids. Be honest and consistent and try to answer their questions.



Also, make sure they know it’s not their fault.

Kids, especially younger ones, might just assume they’ve done something wrong.


Source: Tumblr | turkeyglue

It is of utmost importance to take care of your own mental health, too. The more stressed out you are, the more stressed out your kids are likely to be as well. They are great at imitating.


Source: Facebook | National Military Family Association

It’s also good if you keep to everyday routines.


Source: Reddit | joeyd11213

Connect with other families who have parents deployed, too.

Source: Facebook | National Military Family Association

If your neighbors are something similar to Dean and Molly Cravens, you are a lucky one!


Source: Reddit | _stay_inspired

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