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River Island Made A Kid With Downs Syndrome Their New Model


River Island, London’s high street fashion brand, was set up in 1948. For their newest fashion kid’s line, they made the most admirable decision. They made Joseph Hale from Grimsby their new model for the fashion line, Kids Squad.

Joseph was diagnosed with dyspraxia and global development delay, as well as Down’s syndrome. Down’s syndrome is a genetic condition which is caused when there is an extra chromosome in the human body. Despite the diagnosis, Joseph is like every other boy, he loves Batman and cakes, and now is starting his career as a clothing model.

A post on Instagram reads: “Ultimate #SquadGoals Every RI kid is different, but there’s one thing they all want – cool clothes (and a big party)!

These are the adorable kids of #RIKidsSquad!”

Joseph’s parents are tremendously proud of their son, and how could they not be? The boy looks adorable in his so-called ‘Traditionalist’ style. He is wearing formal shoes, trousers, and a green shirt, looking neat and professional — but still informal.
His mother Karen, has told the Grimsby Telegraph how grateful beyond words she is that her son was given a chance by River Island to be in the commercial alongside all the other kids.

She also added: “Disability should not define them. Joseph is a person. His Down’s is a small part of him. There is a lot more to see than the face value.

Find out who is Joseph’s favorite superhero in this video:

Source: River Island

The camera has been a fan of Joseph even before this. He performed together with his group Zedebee Performing Arts Group, a drama club which works with people who have disabilities and difficulties, on Britain’s Got Talent. The goal of this group is to help people to be more confident and have better social skills. This boy has so many talents!

His dad is hopeful that other companies will learn from this and include people from different backgrounds and abilities in their campaigns.

His dad also added: Given the correct guidance, support and right opportunities to be included in everything, they can thrive and achieve the most wonderful things.

River Island should be an example to everyone!

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Featured Image Credit: River Island
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