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5-Year-Old ‘Police Officer’ And His Dog Enforce The Law With Hugs And Flowers


Five-year-old Oliver Davis from Overland Park in Kansas has become globally famous as probably the youngest police officer in the world. In his neighborhood, he is known for keeping his community safe by patrolling the streets on a children’s K9 motorcycle in his mini-police uniform alongside his trusted wheaten terrier.

But Oliver’s renown has recently spread far beyond the city limits of Overland Park as the world watches overwhelmed by cuteness.

“Oliver learned that some police have K9s, and he’s like, ‘I have to have a partner,'” his mom Brandi Davis told InsideEdition.com.

Ruby is a recent addition to the family bought after their 14-year-old dog died. They initially started taking the puppy to behavioral classes, but Oliver soon took the lead on its training by making Ruby his partner in keeping the streets safe.

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“He tries to work on basic commands,” Brandi explained. “He thinks he’s training her to be a real police officer, teaching her to sit and lay down.”

Since Ruby joined the family, the pair is often seen policing the local park or posing for photographs. While Oliver is checking oncoming cars for speeding using his radar gun, Ruby quietly sits behind him, but she also gets to finish his ice cream cone during moments of rest.


The local police have pitched in to make the job of the newest additions to the force easier. Oliver’s grown-up colleagues delivered some blankets and goodies for the 5-year-old’s furry companion.

Most of Oliver’s policing duties include visiting the homes of senior citizens and delighting Overland Park’s residents with flowers and hugs. “He thinks she’s a real police officer,” Brandi Davis says.

Watch this adorable little police officer in action in the video below.


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