Kim And Kanye Are Asking North As To What To Name Their Latest Child

Well, this was kind of predictable. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are apparently wondering as to what to name their third child.  After naming the first two North and Saint, the celebrity parents are all out of ideas. So they decided to ask North.

According to The Daily Mail, a source told People that the thirty-seven-year-old star of reality TV has just run out of ideas. Kanye, now forty, is similarly perplexed. But before long a solution came.

A source claims that “Kim and Kanye are letting North help with naming the baby.”


Which is… A bit irresponsible and weird? I mean, what if North says “Poo Poo” or something along those lines? Maybe he suggests that his upcoming sister (via surrogate in 2018) should be called “Banana Kardashian”, or “Ice Cream” instead?

What to name your youngest child? Ask the oldest child. Errr.


And this is a recipe for inter-sibling war and disdain further down the line. What if the youngest child end up hating their name? Who will they have to blame? Their brother, that’s who. Not sure this is wise, Kanye and Kim.

But, hey, no one asked me anything.

Meanwhile, this is their Christmas card. Reminds me of a ’90s music video.


But what I say is backed up by previous experience. Just recently Kim got angry at North for naming their Pomeranian “Sushi.” Following this, the decision isn’t left solely to North, but to their friends and relatives as well. During the recent baby shower in November, Kim and Kanye asked their guests for help too.

“All guests wrote down their favorite names for the baby,” the source said.

Meanwhile, neither Kim nor Kanye are sharing any names.


Well, I guess it’s still early. No rush, right?

Meanwhile, check out this video where Kim Kardashian explains her relationship with the surrogate.

And suggest some names!

Source: dailymail