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Kim Kardashian Lets Third Baby’s Gender Slip On ‘Ellen’


Kim Kardashian revealed the gender of her third child during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, November the 14th. Apparently by accident, the reality TV star admitted that she and Kanye West are expecting a baby girl. Kim was talking about the baby shower she threw on Saturday when she made the “slip.”

The 37-year-old told Ellen that one of the main reasons behind the party was to help her four-year-old daughter North understand that there was another baby on the way.

“I thought I really do want to have a baby shower, because I want her to feel that something’s coming, and for her to really understand it,” she said.


The slip

“So people brought toys and gifts, and she was opening them all up the next day and she said: ‘mom, you know since baby sister is not here, I think I need all of her toys in my room, and I’ll play with them and make sure they are all okay for baby sister,'” Kim continued.


Ellen drew attention to the fact that Kim had just spilled the beans. “She’s a toy tester… and you just told us it’s a girl,” the 59-year old TV host pointed out. Seemingly, only then did Kim notice that she had made a blunder and re-confirmed that North was getting a baby sister.

“North is really excited about that,” she said.

After suffering complications during her previous pregnancies, Kim and her husband, 40-year-old rapper Kanye West, decided to opt for a surrogate to deliver baby number three. The couple allegedly found their surrogate “via an agency” and are paying her $45,000.


What’s in a name?

Regarding the name of the little girl, the reality star revealed that they still haven’t picked one. Not even a name-suggesting game played during the baby shower the previous weekend had resulted in a potential pick. At this point, Ellen offered to try using her own random baby name generator and see if it can produce a contender. The names that came up included Lip-Kit West, Pop West, and West West.


The last name produced by the generator was ‘Star West,’ and Kim revealed that North had actually already suggested that one. But Kim wasn’t too keen on it, saying ‘she wasn’t vibing on it.’

“I do like different names, but short, easy to spell, one syllable,” she said. “That’s kind of my vibe.”

Which, of course, explains why ‘Star’ is not an acceptable option.

The pact

But is Kim the only Kardashian expecting a baby? Her sister Khloe and Kylie are both supposedly pregnant, but neither has made an official announcement as of yet. In her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim refused to comment, because the sisters had made a pact not to talk about each other.


The fragrance launch

After the interview with Ellen, Kim went on to launch her KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrances. She shared a great number of Snapchats of the party, which was also attended by her sister Khloe, and their mother Kris Jenner.


Khloe’s baby bump – if she has one – was unnoticeable in her black ensemble. She also took the precaution of hiding behind Kim’s shoulder while posing for pictures with her older sister.


Kim shared some background information about the new fragrance on Snapchat earlier in the day. She filmed herself opening the box of perfume and showed the peculiarly-shaped bottle.

“It’s finally here – my fragrance, Crystal Gardenia. I’ve been working on this for over a year,” said Kim.


The series of Snapchats offered more than just a glimpse of the launch party’s lavish decor, which included lots of flowers, crystals, and candles.

Kim also filmed herself with some of the guests. In one video, she was standing with Cassandra Grey, widow of the late ex-Paramount CEO Brad Grey and founder of beauty shop Violet Grey.

“We are at our KKW launch party for the fragrance, and it is launching tomorrow on our website and at Violet Grey Crystal Gardenia,” Cassandra added.


“So, we’re so excited,” plugged Kim, “and I will share with you guys how the evening is going. It’s about to start!”

Source: dailymail

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