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Kim Kardashian Was Spotted In NYC Braless With A See-Through Shirt


Kim Kardashian’s outfits and actions always seem to cause a stir in the public, don’t they? #Neverforget the time when she “broke the internet”. She recently took her insane outfits to the next level, and it seems that like her little sister Kendall, she’s jumping on the Free The Nipple train as well. By appearing in the middle of New York City with no bra.

After leaving a clothing shop in NYC, she was wearing a transparent black sleeveless shirt and a camo skirt. Sound familiar? That’s because Kendall also wore a nearly identical shirt. Depending on who you are, this outfit will either end a war or start one.

Whichever way you look at it, though, this is not something that can ever be described as “subtle”.




That’s Kim for ya.


But Kim Kardashian always seems to be the one to cause a stir


So I guess it’s only right that she wore this outfit in the middle of NYC


Oh, and Kendall was tagging along too

Her outfit was on the other end of the spectrum, however.


I guess Kendall was done and dusted with it

So it was Kim’s turn to give the “Free The Nipple” movement a try


Something tells me that it will all be fine

Everyone will start going out braless after the big Kim K did it.


At least, that’s what this current world is making me believe.

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