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Tyga And Kanye Will Take Their Ladies In The “Feel Me” Video


In the past few years, we have seen some of the craziest collaborations and we always want more. But would you be interested in a Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kanye and Tyga project? More than ever!

In January, Tyga launched a song called “Feel Me”, which is a collaboration with Kanye West. Of course, we dreamed that they would include their ladies in the video and it seems like our dreams are coming true.


The rappers even mention their girls in the song. “Kylie Jenner thick you, gotta feel me,” raps Tyga. As for Kanye, he starts his verse with: “Kim Kardashian you, gotta feel me.”  Well, can’t lie, that’s hot. Even the siblings should be excited for the pair to work together.


We started smelling something in late January when Kylie shared something on her Snapchat about finishing a late night project. “All night project … finally on my way home,” she wrote. It was 4.38 AM.


The music video is going to be dope, according to Hollywood Life.  Apparently, in the video we are going to see “four wheel drive monsters trucks which kicked up a lot of dust!” Hmm… Do you have any idea how this is going to turn out? All of us are very excited to see it.

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The reality stars survived the “frigid 30 degree weather.” Luckily they finished everything up before sunrise and made their way home. The stars had to get a good nights sleep, and then head to Costa Rica for a family vacation.

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Are you excited for Tyga and Kanye’s project?

If you want to hear the song and see what we are talking about, press play down below. Enjoy!


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