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Kim Kardashian Loses 100,000 Instagram Followers And Laughs All The Way To The Bank


Intentionally or not, Kim Kardashian West’s backside caused yet another online stir after the imperfection of her backside was caught on camera during a recent Mexico getaway. The TV star reportedly lost a staggering 100,000 Instagram followers… which amounts to about 1% of her total following.

The paparazzi beach photos caused a storm of controversy on social media, with legions of fans disappointed to see the body part Kim has built a big part of her reputation on, ridden with cellulite.

In the aftermath of the Mexican holiday during which the Kardashians and their friends were celebrating Kourtney Kardashian’s 38th birthday, it has been reported around 100,000 people have stopped following Kim on Instagram. On the other hand, her cellulite might have given her a publicity coup greater than any of her “internet breakings”.

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But if you were thinking it was the masses’ disappointment with how a celebrity really looks like in an undoctored shot which drove thousands of people to re-think their social media priorities, you are very much mistaken. For many of them, it was apparently their blissful unawareness that in many cases photos are being heavily edited before they are posted on Instagram which drove Kim Kardashian’s ex-fans to such depths of desperation.

It is impossible for someone to be so naive, you may think? Well, think twice.


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Some former followers expressed anger towards the 36-year-old for being dishonest about her real appearance, while some even went as far as to call the reality television personality fake and a liar for claiming to be flawless while being imperfect in reality.

One commentator wrote:

“Kim you make me feel sick talking about your flawless body when you run to the plastic surgeon for everything. There is nothing real about you.”

Wow. What’s next, people start realizing the ‘reality’ TV shows they are watching might actually be scripted and acted out?

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Another user added:

“And yet they want young ladies to look up to them. With such language they speak I wouldn’t allow my dog to follow them, I am UNFOLLOWING.”

Kim Kardashian was reportedly seen crying her eyes out at these comments and the 100,000 thousand followers she lost out of almost 100 million. Not.


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“Perhaps if we all stopped criticizing what other people do with their own bodies, pop culture characters like Kim Kardashian – whose brand relies on societal beauty perceptions – wouldn’t exist in the first place,” UNILAD writes.

Well, we suppose one can always dream.


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It is emblematic of society today that the most incredibly vain social media storm was actually caused by one of the rare Kardashian stories that had nothing to do with vanity. If a couple of pictures showing a mother-of-two with some cellulite on her buttocks can drive hundreds of thousands of people to redefine their life interests, it is little wonder that ‘post-truth’ was selected as Word of the Year 2016 by Oxford Dictionaries.


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