12 Nostalgic Pictures Of Kim Kardashian 10 Years Ago


One might argue that Kim Kardashian is one of America’s biggest celebrities and a great influence on many people’s lives. She is a fashion icon, contour beauty, reality TV star and a business woman. The 37-year-old and her family continue to make sure that We Keep Up with them, no matter what they do.


After being friends with famous socialite Paris Hilton, Kim went on to popularize the selfie, to claim to have “broken the internet” and is married to one of the biggest hip-hop names, rapper Kanye West. She continues to entrance her millions of followers with outfit choices and new makeup products.

Therefore, it’s hard to remember the fresh-faced Kim, who back in 2006 was Paris Hilton’s accessory more than a friend. Let’s go through some throwback pictures of hers and remember those more innocent days.

1. The old Kim loved flip-phones


2. A big fan of fur and satin


3. Even though Paris was her best friend, we’re not sure Paris felt the same way


4. They loved texting people


5. She also loved rollerblading with her best friend Jonathan Cheban


6. And even eat at McDonald’s


7. What a family greeting card


8. She always made sure to coordinate with Paris


9. And had some dance moves


10. The old Kim would never dye her hair blonde


11. Matching her lingerie with her handbag


12. It might be hard to believe¬†it, but she wasn’t very comfortable in the spotlight


Much has changed, hasn’t it? Now Kim has her own assistants and has recently fallen out with one of them.

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