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Kim Kardashian Chose To Wear This Rather Strange But Revealing Outfit On A Night Out

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I think you’ll agree that Kim Kardashian is quite well known for wearing somewhat revealing clothes. And really, there’s nothing wrong with showing off the nice things about her body. She’s proud of it, and honestly, if we had one like that (even though, no offense, it may not be entirely natural) we would be proud too.

The 36-year-old reality TV star chose quite a revealing, and perhaps a little strange outfit when she was seen leaving Craig’s Restaurant on Thursday, March 2 2017 after a night out with friends.

With my best efforts (to describe it), she was wearing a boob-tube designed to show some cleavage. She was also “wearing” a puffer jacket, and I put “wearing” in quotes because she is not really wearing it, it’s mostly taken off and stood on her shoulders. Yes, I know stood isn’t the right word, but I couldn’t think of anything else. You know what I mean.

Kim Kardashian Revealing Outfit Night Out

The dress that she was wearing was also somewhat opened to reveal even more skin, specifically showing off her decent-sized but toned legs, and a pair of black suede boots was the situation when it comes to footwear.

This is not the first time we have seen Kim Kardashian in all black, but the combination of things here is what gets me. I mean, combining a puffer jacket with what is basically a gown is not the sort of thing I would have in mind, but because this is the big K we’re talking about, anything works.

I don’t exactly know whether to call this outfit cool or just slightly odd. But, after all the things Kim Kardashian has done (don’t mean that in a bad way), I guess this doesn’t surprise me that much.

Kim Kardashian Revealing Outfit Night Out 2

What do you think of her outfit? Would you wear something like that for a night out? Let us know in the comments!


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