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Kim Kardashian West Returns To Social Media In The Only Way She Knows

Photo Credit: Daniel Deme

After a very long break from social media, Kim Kardashian West is back. Sort of.

On Wednesday (December 14), Kardashian West returned to Instagram, after an almost two-month break since her robbery in Paris in October.

If you’re going to come back after a long time, it’s a good idea to “come back with a bang” as they say, and Kim certainly did that.

She posted some videos, with the focus on her famous booty, but she didn’t post them on her original account. Instead, she posted them on a new Kimoji account. This account is believed to be setup to promote her new Kimoji merchandise, which will be released December 16.

The account, which incidentally has almost 9000 followers already, is also verified, so this is not a fake. It appears to feature nine blurry posts, two of them being videos and one picture, and posted three times each. They show a lot of cleavage and booty action, so it’s no doubt that this is Kim.

One video shows a woman from behind (which is believed to be Kardashian West or her likeness) twerking in matching black underwear. A second video shows a side view of the twerking, and the third post is an image of someone’s booty resting against ample cleavage. All nine posts are captioned with “December 16.”


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