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Kim Kardashian’s makeup routine is everything you hoped for and more



Of course when you are famous a lot of people care about your daily routine. Imagine if we are talking about Kim Kardashian. She definitely gets frequent requests from fans to post her makeup routine, so she did it.

So, Kim first takes a Neutrogena makeup wipe to her almost-bare face. She explains she forgot her face wash.” I already started my eye makeup so I’m going to be super sloppy and just use a Neutrogena … makeup wipe” says Kim.

She starts hydrating her skin with a $240 jar of La Mer Perfecting Treatment and follows with Giorgio Armani Shimmer Sheer. “This just adds shimmer under the foundation,” she says. She loves an extra glow.


She ties her hair up and decides to use an Armani foundation over Chanel. She starts contouring and goes through her hairline a little because it makes her forehead look smaller. Good tip, Kim.


Using yellow and pink powders she bakes her makeup.


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