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Kim Kardashian’s Outfits Revolution And Why She Wears What She Wears


Have you ever imagined what 37-year-old Kim looked like before she became famous? You’ve probably seen thousands of pictures of the young Kim on the internet, but have you thought about fashion evoloution?

Some would say she is a boring dresser nowadays, but she didn’t use to dress like this in the past. If you scroll down her Instagram feed, you can see all shades of beige and maybe some other colors, too. Kim’s outfits have changed a lot over the years.


When the world first met Kimberly Noel Kardashian over a decade ago, her wardrobe was far from simple. It was filled with bold jewel tones and busy prints. Of course, during this time, Kim’s bff was Paris Hilton, so you wouldn’t expect anything different. Then, 40-year-old Kanye West came along and Kim got an assistant to completely change her wardrobe. Natural hues took over the busy prints and the new Kardashian was born.

So, what do her outfits look like nowadays? Her Instagram page is full of black, white, grey, army green, navy blue, beige, and maroon colors. You can find thousands of variations of these. Kim wears them in the form of an impossibly tight top (often cropped), paired with a midi-length skirt, or baggy sweatpants and staggering high heels.

Date night

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If you see her recent looks, you will see Kim on the talk show rounds, appearing on The Real, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and Ellen. 

She was wearing a skintight white ankle-length dress, a skintight grey mini dress, and a skintight grey midi-dress. At her fragrance launch dinner, she wore a white long-sleeved gown, whereas at the dinner for Bumble Bizz, she wore an oversized tuxedo blazer.

Have you ever wondered why she wears these kinds of outfits?

Yeezy Wave Runner 700 🌊

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Well, even if she wore pajamas, she would be all over the media. And it’s a simple fact that she doesn’t need to follow any trends, because, she is the trend, after all. Kim certainly looks like she loves what she wears. And she wears it with style.

Here are some of her memorable outfits for Halloween.

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