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The Shape Of Your Finger Reveals Your Personality Traits!


This is pretty amazing! Your finger shape reveals your personality traits! As bizarre as it seems, this thing shocked us by how accurate it is!

Take a look at the images and check your finger to find out the characteristics defining your personality!


1.If you have finger type A

  • You tend to be a melancholic person mostly hiding your feelings. Mostly you pretend to be stronger and more independent than you actually are.
  • Although you are the emotional type, you still can be very nice and polite to anybody as you get to know them.
  • You appreciate fairness and you hate lies, hypocrisy, and deception.
  • You show very little emotion from the outside. Instead, you like to pretend to be strong and cool.
  • Eccentric and arrogant are definitely the characteristics of type A fingers.
  • On the other hand, you have a big big heart and tend to be very helpful. You would complete any given task even if you don’t like it.
  • You like laughing very much. You would laugh at anything even when something is not that funny. Though you are not very good at hiding what’s on your mind. All your thoughts can be seen through your expressions.
  • You tend to be extremely cold towards people you are not close to but on the other hand, you are overly emotional towards the ones you love.


2.If you have finger type B

  • You are the type that never takes initiative to approach people.
  • Loyalty is number one trait of your personality. Once you fall in love, you will give your full attention to that person and will think about them.
  • On the other hand, you are extremely sensitive but you don’t show it.
  • As a perseverant person when you decide to do something you will strive to do it until the end.
  • You are scared to death of being hurt. You tend to pretend you are okay when alone but we know that you are not.
  • Your calmness is something you can be proud of. Even at extremely uneasy situations, you manage to remain calm.
  • Although you appear to be a strong and independent person, on the inside you are just a soft-hearted and easy hurt human being.
  • You adore imagining things. You tend to dream of somebody that will understand and love you and give you everything you expect from them.


3.If you have finger type C

  • As an optimistic person, you always tend to see the good in all things.
  • On the other hand, you always try to avoid risky situations and thus minimize your responsibilities.
  • However, if something pulls you out of your comfort zone, you are always able to solve the problem.
  • When it comes to the opinion of the others, you always tend to respect them and don’t like to play pretend.
  • As an open minded person, you are always ready to compromise.
  • You hate being involved in a fight and thus you rarely stay mad at someone. Instead, you forgive very easily when you receive an apology, but you have to watch yourself since you have a sensitive heart and can be easily hurt.



Source: girlyfeed

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